Aajako Sandharbha

Hosted by Saroj Adhikari, Sanjeev Regmi & Kamal Rana Magar

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Sunday 07:15 08:00
Friday 07:15 08:00
Thursday 07:15 08:00
Wednesday 07:15 08:00
Tuesday 07:15 08:00
Monday 07:15 08:00

Aajako Sandharbha

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Aajako Sandharbha is one of the oldest and the longest running talk show of the nation. Currently Saroj Adhikari, Rajan Kuekel & Sanjeev Regmi moderates this program. Every day this program welcomes one guest representing different sector (politics or industries). In other words, this is a talk show in which a political or a social personality is interviewed to comment and analyze on the top news stories or the public current affairs.

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