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Welcome to our corporate section. Image Group of Companies is the pioneer media house to offer the very first private television channel, the Image Channel in Nepal. It was also the foremost company to offer FM radio station initially called KATH 97.9 and currently Image FM 97.9 to the Nepali audiences. Today Image Group boasts another popular news FM station called Image News FM 103.6 where we bring crisp news and bold debates to light.

Image Group of Companies is proud to bring forward fresh political and social news, current affairs programs, talk shows together with high-quality entertainment programs in both radio and television that reflects the life of the Nepali people and their incredible stories, lifestyle, music and art. Being the first to produce music videos in Nepal we boast vast archive of Nepali music videos. We also have great collection of songs, live performances, and popular tele-serials of both Nepali and Newari languages. We introduce new and talented artists through the exclusive roster of talented VJ’s and RJ’s. We also take pride in our exceptional reporters, editorial and technical team who inform audiences with the latest news and views from various corners of Nepal and across the world.

Our motto

  • Credible news, balances views and healthy entertainment.

Our vision

  • To preserve nationality
  • To safeguard social values and
  • To promote civil rights
  • We believe a well informed society is the backbone of a prosperous nation

Our Mission

  • To focus on bringing forward quality programs both to entertain and inform the audiences.
  • Dedicated to providing credible, unbiased and accurate information and serving the nation as a watchdog.

Our Editorial Policy

  • Balanced, truth and value based journalism is the full-fledged professional practice of Image Group of Companies.

Our Commitment

  • Democracy, freedom of press and freedom of expression, civil rights and social transformation.

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